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Technical Articles

Here are some highlights of the innovative solutions that our sponsors will introduce during the Summit on June 18 at the Millennium Hilton Bangkok. Don't miss the opportunity to meet them in person at the Summit. 

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Cabot Innovative Technology for Water Borne Automotive Base Coat & Super Conductive Carbon Black for Primer Coating

EMPEROR® 2000 and EMPEROR® 1800 are a high color strength black pigment designed specifically to provide excellent performance in waterborne automotive coatings for use in automotive basecoats and other deep black masstone applications.

VULCAN XC max 22 specialty carbon black is a highly conductive carbon black that enables achieves conductivity at the lowest loadings of traditional furnace blacks.

Polywill Additive – Dedicated to improve coating performance & cost-saving with innovated technology and product

Polywill is a leading additive company in China that supplies water-borne, solvent-borne and UV additives such as dispersant, defoamer, rheology modifier, leveling & wetting and functional additives.

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About Jiangxi Xiyan

Jiangxi Xiyan, founded in 2017, evolved from Spring Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Established in 2008, specializing in nano colorants and hybrid materials.

FMS Nano Grinding Mill
  • Minimum grinding bead size: 0.1mm

  • Maximum grinding bead efficiency

  • Suitable for different viscosities

  • Long-lasting operation at low temperatures

  • Efficient transfer of energy for grinding purposes

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