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Polywill Additive – Dedicated to Improve Coating Performance & Cost-Saving with Innovated Technology and Product


Polywill is a leading additive company in China that supplies water-borne, solvent-borne and UV additives, including dispersants, defoamers, rheology modifiers, leveling & wetting and functional additives. With an advanced R&D center and an excellent team based in Shanghai, Polywill boasts core members with extensive experience as chief scientists in multi-national companies as chief scientists such as Dow, Solvay, Sherwin Williams, Akzo, and more.


Furthermore, Polywill is proud to have a highly experienced top management team, consisting of commercial directors, plant managers and supply chain directors, all of whom bring years of profound expertise from leading multinational companies like Dow and Axalta.


At Polywill, quality is our priority. We implement a rigorous quality system to ensure product quality and stability. This commitment has enabled us to supply renowned multinational and top domestic companies in China, including Akzo, Nippon, Kansai and many others. With manufacturing plants strategically located in East and North China, we have sufficient production capacity to meet the demand for high-quality additives globally.


Polywill continuously commits to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, establishing ourselves as a trusted partner in your business ventures.

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