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Cabot Innovative Technology for Water Borne Automotive Base Coat & Super Conductive Carbon Black for Primer Coating

Cabot Corporation is a leading global specialty chemicals and performance materials company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Our businesses deliver a broad range of products and solutions to customers in every corner of the globe, serving key industries such as transportation, infrastructure, environment and consumer. We provide performance solutions that solve customers' challenges today while preparing them to meet tomorrow’s needs. Our commitment to innovation is driven by a passion to advance our customers' businesses through our deep understanding of their industries and the global trends that impact their operations.


Cabot's highly Color carbon blacks are suitable for water-borne formulations, and the EMPEROR® 1800/2000 carbon black symbolizes a major step forward.  EMPEROR® 1800/2000 Carbon Black has been specifically developed for automotive pigment and dark black primary color applications, breaking the balance between color performance and dispersion. Formulating with EMPEROR® 1800/2000 Carbon Black enables paint manufacturers to achieve a high depth of blue black while minimizing the amount of dispersant and the shortest dispersion time, thereby reducing the total cost of the formulation.


VULCAN® XCMax22 super conductive carbon black can make the bumper have excellent electrical conductivity to meet the needs of the paint application process, and the color is also relatively light, using a variety of automotive color requirements.


We are committed to improving our energy efficiency and process technology across our entire global footprint. We operate with sustainable business practices that ensure the well-being of our employees, customers and our surrounding communities. As a result, we have earned a reputation for producing high-quality solutions while continuing to set the industry standard with respect to sustainability and safety.

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