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FMS Nano Grinding Mill

Control Panel

The equipment adopts new HMI-PLC (human-machine interface) technology. Through PLC programming, the equipment's operation and operating parameters can be monitored and stored in real-time, making it easy to trace the production parameters of each batch of products. It can also provide intelligent reminders for maintenance. The control system can be connected to the network. The equipment's influential network capabilities mean that its operations and operating parameters can be monitored from any corner of the world.

Grinding Process

The equipment's unique hedging double-helix medium control technology can obtain highly narrow particle size distribution during the dispersion process from submicron to nanometer level. This equipment proposes an innovative new concept of dispersion grinding - transferring maximum energy to the grinding media with a low filling rate and concentrated distribution. This unique grinding system can transmit shear force, friction force, and collision pressure between beads far better than traditional sand mills.

Grinding Bead Control

The high linear speed grinding beads move in a short stroke and continue to circulate, which creates an opposing double helix motion in and around the grinding component. This effect precisely guides the movement of the grinding beads within the grinding chamber. At the same time, the preliminary separation of grinding bead materials also occurs at this stage. Through unique design, the centrifugal force separation effect is increased as much as possible, and the grinding media and products are also separated.

Application Scope

This grinding machine can be widely used in various industries, including paint, ink, agrochemical products, medicine, food, pigments, resins, magnetic coatings, ceramics, minerals, general chemical products, cosmetics etc.

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