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Polywill Advanced Material Shanghai Co. Ltd.

Building 17, No.3399 Kang-Xin Road, Pu-Dong District, Shanghai, China



Polywill is dedicated to providing innovative products and technical solutions to global industrial customers while satisfying customer needs on sustainable development. Polywill owns a series of unique patents, leading to excellent performance in our products. Our product line includes dispersants, defoamers, rheology modifiers, wetting agents, leveling agents and many other functional additives, applied to paint, ink, adhesives, pigment & colorant, metal protection, wood paint & furniture, leather & textile, water-proof, 3C, UV and all different industries, providing high performance and better environmental products to our customers.

Polywill has gathered global talents, and built a global innovative knowledge, information and operating platform, providing professional services for customers. Our team has been dedicated to the research and service of eco-friendly polymers for over 30 years, comprehensively participating in the innovation and development of higher performance and better environmental needs.

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