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Shanghai Rucca Precision Eqiupment Co., Ltd.

No.1658, Xiaonan Road, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China



RUCCA has provided a large number of mature and advanced equipment to customers worldwide. Our equipment includes solid-liquid in-line mixing and dispersing equipment, powder open bag and conveying equipment, bead mills for various purposes, high shear homogenizers, nano bead mills and nano-materials surface modification equipment.


These equipment are widely used in the fields of micron, submicron and nano. In addition to our core key equipment, we can provide integrated production units and complete production lines to our customers.


Our products find extensive applications in the fields of coatings, printing ink, dyes, pesticides, rubber, inkjet, electronic abrasives, ceramics, batteries and nano-sized powders.

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